availableatamazonBeing a parent is hard, very hard. Add in the pressure cooker atmospheres of competitive junior sport and it becomes super hard. My main purpose for writing ‘The Winning Parent’ is to help reduce that pressure for you as you travel the turbulent yet rewarding journey of competitive sport. Parents, children and coaches all influence each other enormously on this journey and the contents of my book ‘The Winning Parent’ can help make those interactions supportive, lasting and effective.

For years I have been asked by parents to produce something of a book or guide to help them deal with their children in and around competitive sport environments. They say I have tended to see things from the parents perspective and helped them with problems they had personally encountered on the sports pathway. So in response, I wrote ‘The Winning Parent‘ for those parents who asked for it. My belief is that almost all parents just want what’s best for their kids, yet many (not all) often go about it in ineffective ways. Even the better ones find inappropriate and sometimes damaging ways by which to support their loved ones in sporting situations.

The Solution: ‘The Winning Flightpath’ 

  1. “Preparation for the Journey”Self Awareness
  2. “Set The Destination”Define Winning
  3. “Fuel Up”Educate Yourself
  4. “Take Off”Lead Through Your Example
  5. “Be a Co Pilot”Patience, Empathy, Humility
  6. “Fly High and Far”Get Doing Now
  7. “Landing Safely”Letting Go, Be There For Life

What I present to you in ‘The Winning Parent’ is a unique 7 stage process that I believe helps you with all the questions and problems you may struggle with when it comes to being a sports parent. Each step provides clear practical ideas and helpful pointers of how you can be much more helpful to yourself and your family. Less stress, less nervousness, less arguments, less cost of time and money. More enjoyment, more appreciation and more winning too.  Most other books, media coverage and research to date are great at pointing out the mistakes and failings of parents but by designing the ‘winning flightpath’ I have given you a roadmap for improvement and success rather than generalised criticism. The “winning flight path” is easy to follow and with a little effort you can instantly soar to new heights of sports parenting.

In support of the ‘flightpath’ I have included research from science and perhaps most importantly from people who have themselves been winning parents, business people, and sports professionals.

Enjoy my book and please feel free to contact me or comment on my website, facebook, or twitter!