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Thanks for taking away the sh**! (The email that made the book)

“How long did it take you to write it?” This is the question I am asked the most about my book The Winning Parent.  “The truth is it took me about 5 years but the last 5 months, once I

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3 Tips that will take your Skills as a Sports Parent to the Next Level.

HOW to improve your skills as a Sports Parent and reduce some Stress! 3 Tips to take your Children to the Next Level. Go for Recognition over Attention Most people need to hear they are recognised for their efforts and

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Sports Parents – To push or not to push!

The phrase “pushy parent” is mostly used in derogatory terms. It insinuates a controlling parent being overbearing on the poor victim child, who would do much better if their mum or dad backed off. What do you think about this?

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“A Book from the Heart” – Grand Central Station and why I wrote the book.

I have just had the most thrilling week selling and publicising the book in Grand Central Station, New York City. I was invited to do this by Tournament of Champion promoter John Nimmick, who next year completes 20 years of

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“You can’t help the poor by being one of them!”

This quote, like many, is attributed to Abraham Lincoln. I always wonder how Presidents and Prime Ministers cope. With so many decisions and worldly concerns how do they find the mental space to deal with personal day to day things

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Jersey Parent Trap Article

Here is an insightful article in the Jersey Evening Post which discusses parental involvement in sport. Jersey Evening Post Article

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